We are DigiHeart

non-profit organisation with the simple goal of supplying children in need with technology for learning at home


All our laptops and tablets come from the generous donations by the Worcestershire community. It doesn't matter how old or how broken, each donation is extremely valuable to us as we can either refurbish it to new or use parts to repair other laptops


The first thing that happens to all donations is every trace of pervious data is erased, using state of the art software. Then we repair and clean the laptops, install all the necessary software needed for remote learning at home. Once complete we then hand off the laptops to the Salvation Army.

Giving Away

We are not directly involved with who the laptops go to, that is determined by the hard working people at the Salvation Army. They collect the laptops and tablets from us and then distribute them to the children who need them most.

Who is DigiHeart

We are working in conjunction with the salvation army to collect your generous donations of unwanted laptops and tablets. Once we have you donations our technicians will clear any existing data and install the necessary programs required for learning from home. With these newly refurbished laptops and tablets, the Salvation Army will then distribute them to those who require them most.

Collection Points

A series of, hands-free, drop-off points have been created to ensure current government guidelines are met when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and the safety of everyone involved. Furthermore once this virus is vanquished we still aim to supply technology to families in need to ensure they have the necessary tools in the years to come and what ever changes they might bring.

How does it work?

Our procedure for making your donated technology ready to be passed on is to wipe any data off your devices using the latest data erasing software. We then service the devices by repairing any damage, cleaning any dust build up and servicing internal components to provide the smoothest operation possible to the children who need it for their education.